Website Development & Consulting

Build beautiful, flexible websites with full control and flexibility to dazzle your visitors!

Responsive Design

Websites are built as fully responsive, allowing visitors on any smartphone, tablet or computer to access your content from any location.

Retina Display

Custom CSS, fonts and other elements provide optimized high-resolution pages and images across devices.

Social Sharing

Smart social media sharing buttons provide a way to easily share content without getting in the way of your message.

Page Builder

Make content changes without having to write HTML or CSS code by utilizing global styling.

Simplified Forms

Styled forms on any page offers flexibility from the most popular plugins; capture, contact, lead forms included!


Every website and brand has their preferred fonts. We’re able to offer dozens of typography options.

SEO Ready

Search engines will love your website since it uses the latest HTML5, telling search engines where content starts and ends.

Single Page Sites

Engage visitors with single page navigation on your home page or across all pages for a unique experience.


Products to sell? We can transform your website to a full-fledged store within WordPress or use 3rd party platforms.

Clean Code

Messy code can cause incompatibility and broken layouts.

…plus many more benefits & options!

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Common Questions

Most small and medium, even some big, companies can absolutely use WordPress as the foundation for the design and content management. It’s an Open Source platform that powers millions of websites.

We can provide examples of designs but we highly recommend ignoring design until content is written. In order to design a website, you need to know what kind of content the design will incorporate. Imagine trying to design the structure of a car without knowing what’s going inside – it’s very inefficient.

There’s no limit to the number of pages on your website. The important question to ask is how many pages you need in order to tell your story. More than 7 pages might not be needed but we can help assess your needs.

The key component determining time is having your content 100% finished. It’s extremely rare your content will not need edits through the process but we normally don’t do any development until we have content first…even if it’s a rough draft. Normally 45-90 days for a website is what you can expect, especially if we’ve received all of your content.

Many WordPress websites can be open canvases for attackers if precautions aren’t taken. Secure passwords, hacker defense mechanisms, even the theme you use can make a difference. Our preferred themes & plugins, along with our hosting, ensures an above-average secure combination.

You’re certainly welcome to edit content on your own. Much of what we put together for you is designed so you can take the reigns, if you so choose. We also recommend sticking to what you do best; your business. Typically it’s easier for us to make changes in a short time without you having to worry about the hassle. Additionally, if you’re making changes to your live website before testing, it could cause problems if pages aren’t working properly.

Blogging is great for search engines, organic traffic, social media, and sharing your knowledge & value. Building your website on WordPress absolutely includes a blog if you choose to publish ‘posts’. We’ll help get your blog configured and optimized according to your interests.

Yes, yes, and yes. Colors are very flexible and should match your brand as well as portray to your audience a feeling that matches the kind of service & products you offer. Similarly, adding photos and video, even audio, is a great way to enhance the visual attractiveness of your website.