What are your Web Traffic Channels?

Are you paying attention to your referral sources?

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We’ve shared the reasons you should consider a Social Media strategy and even why you should not hire a Social Media intern, and in an on-going effort, values of concepts that Social Media can deliver on a regular basis. As a whole, Social Media for business is still pretty new as companies are beginning to embrace it for the first time just in the past year (2014). The value will continue to prove it is wise to spend the time where your audience spends theirs.

Website Visitor Tracking

It should come of no surprise that tracking your website traffic is not only very valuable but extremely useful. When you know the behavior of your visitors, popularity of published articles, keyword visits, and a slew of other data, it can open a ton of opportunity for future efforts. Google Analytics does a great job of giving you plenty of (some will argue too much) insight in to your website traffic; age, location, webpage hits, user flows, time on pages/site, and the list goes on.

The sheer amount of data can be overwhelming but it’s not as important to understand all of it as much as it’s important to understand a few key components that matter to your business/website. For example, if you’re catering to consumers who are 19-27 years old but the majority of web traffic is showing as 45-65 years old…you need to dig in to the details of why you’re attracting the wrong demographic. And, that may come down to results from messaging, advertising, referrals, and strategies.

When Social Media Matters – Referral Sources

Social Media Referral SourcesDespite dozens of powerful examples behind Social Media’s value, there continues to be a misunderstanding that social platforms can, and DO, connect an engaged audience to your brand. And we’re not just talking about 4% of visitors – it can definitely be a much bigger piece of the pie.

Using Google Analytics as stated above you’ll be able to see the weight Social Media pulls in delivering visitors your website. It’s not nearly enough to take a guess that you’re getting visitors from social efforts – you must have some kind of tracking in place. And, that will help drive further decisions to determine what is working and where you should spend time.

Back in 2008 it seemed like a daunting, spammy process to get your audience to visit your website. If you were on Facebook at that time, that’s where you spent time commenting and writing on peoples “walls”. But now? It’s a lot about converting your audience in to raving fans through valuable engagements and content (in written and visual formats).

When 20% of your website traffic can show you referral sources that matter; do you think 20% is worth focusing on? Is 5% worth your time? You can make the adjustments to your efforts when you know the referral sources. But better yet, knowing what’s effective and working (growing!) helps steer you in the right direction.


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