Business Insights Dashboard

Forget about wondering how your website traffic has been lately, how often your website has been down, or even the success of advertising efforts. In the dashboard you get active data in one place.

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    Instant Analytics

    Side-by-side, compare website traffic reports with sales reports from a single view. Forget multiple login credentials; one login account gives you access to all reports.

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    Social Media Results

    Between likes, comments, shares,'s hard to stay on top of it all. However, we can help with a dashboard specifically for Social Media monitoring.

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    Advertising Reports

    Keep track of current advertising efforts from services like Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising in one location instead of having to check each individually.

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    Leads, Conversions, Sales

    Keep an eye on your new leads through conversions from marketing efforts. And, then get a quick view of your sales progress from your CRM or database.

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    Private Dashboard Access

    Give access to specific Dashboards, such as sales metrics, to appropriate teams. Only provide data that's important to key stakeholders at your company.

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    Custom Integrations

    Import data via APIs and source such as Google Spreadsheets, populating graphs & charts on the fly. Get quick access to financial insights or even sales reports!

Uptime Report
Uptime Report
Uptime Report

Starter Insights Dashboard


per month
  • (12) Configured Widgets Included
  • (4) Website Traffic Reports
  • Webmaster Tools Overview
  • (5) SERPs of choice
  • Email Marketing Report
  • Uptime & Response Time Report ($4)
  • Unlimited Access
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Questions and Answers

Typically you have to go to multiple sources and tools just to find the most critical data. Whether it’s website traffic stats, search engine results, uptime reporting…you’d typically need to check 3 separate sources for the information you’d want to know, but our Dashboard product puts it all in a single view.

Think of widgets as a ‘view’ in a platform of choice. The view might be looking at the traffic sources to your website, or even google advertising metrics. With each widget we’re able to configure a look at some form of data; sales, leads, traffic, activity, and more.

It stands for “Search Engine Ranking Position”. Targeting keywords is important but knowing how you rank for the keyword is important. Google, the leading search engine, will rank you for keywords based on criteria they set.

Yes! If you’d like to create a dashboard for financials or even purely sales, we can use some custom widgets to pull data from a few select tools/methods. Data from spreadsheets can automatically be displayed in a nice chart, for example.

Unlimited widgets display data from across your business. We only charge a one-time fee to configure each additional widget instead of being billed an increased monthly price. The one-time price is between $5-50 per additional widget, depending on the level of setup required.

Indeed. We could create a dashboard that gives your clients or investors data insights that might otherwise be messy to provide. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll be happy to discuss!