Finding/Attracting Young New Talent and Employees to Hire

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Adding talent to your company may be on your current or future radar. Every good company is staffed with a mix of experienced individuals, especially those companies with dozens of employees and more. These days it’s not about hiring people, it’s about hiring the right people whom actually want to be part of something great.

While it may surprise you when I tell you this fact….it is indeed a fact; not everyone who interviews at your company wants to work for you nor will be ‘all in‘ like you’d prefer. The reality is challenging to swallow sometimes but companies looking to hire need to be realistic while not expecting everyone to be as passionate about the business as the founders.

talent_neededAn article written by shares 9 ways to attract and retain employees with some rather basic details. Some of the items listed are rather obvious. However, I’d like to share a bit of a deeper perspective.

People looking for a new job tend to view the opportunity as a job, and solely nothing more. They’ll serve customers, get paid, and represent the company in a way they feel appropriate. While others looking for the same job may view it as an opportunity to boost their impact, make a difference in the company, provide a ton of value across the board, educate themselves on new topics, and step up to the plate. And I don’t know about you but talent matching the latter of the two can make a massive difference in your business, a difference that every company (wants to) shoot for with every hire.

But it doesn’t come with a lack of leadership and attractive “package”. These days the start-up scene is fierce where talented individuals steer themselves because of the opportunity. It’s not health care coverage, high-speed internet, healthy salary, 9-5 business hours, and lunch breaks that attract people – those are nearly expected. Instead, it’s company equity, Uber credits each month, flexible hours, work-from-home options, swag, daily stocked snacks, company paid lunches, team outings, and new ‘gear’ (computer, headphones, tablet…). With the incredible money being raised by start-ups puts them ahead of other companies as places to work – you’ve got to invest in your hires if you really (and I mean really) want to keep them.


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