Business Development

Fill the need of your business by bringing us in as an outside resource to provide a different, non-bias perspective to your operation.

Customer Service

Every employee’s goal should be to keep your customers happy while helping to solve their problems and accomplish goals. In order to provide quality customer service, you must have a fully developed process along with an outline of appropriate steps.

Goal Development

Whether it’s expansion of market share, hunting for new accounts, farming existing accounts, or gaining notoriety in the marketplace, businesses must assess their current situation, develop plans and take action to achieve results. We help provide that guidance and insight to businesses.

Marketing & Sales

Bringing quality new offerings to market on time, on budget and with product attributes that meet market requirements does not happen by accident. Rarely does allowing an Engineering team to “go and design something cool …” result in significant growth for a company. We’ll help attract the audience – the end-goal.


How your business operates can dictate how efficiently your business is run. Whether it is a point process for a departmental operation or a multi-dimensional, cross company, end to end process, ineffective or inefficient processes can cost the company serious money. Our insight will give you fresh perspectives.

Product Development

Even though the most popular cell phone in the world is full of cool features, it was the ability to define what the customer would want, once they found out what they could have in features. By clearly defining the desired result, with both qualitative and quantitative value measurements, and then properly managing through the development, testing and launch phase, companies can achieve extraordinary results.

Human Resources

Managing people seems so easy on the surface but so many companies treat HR as a necessary evil rather than a catalyst for greatness. Be it proper HR policies & procedures, employee reward & recognition programs, performance measurement and performance review programs or simply the proper onboarding process for new employees, these systems can provide huge dividends to your business.