2 Tips on Hiring an Intern (Productivity)

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Everyone in your company has responsibilities that only you/the company can define at the start. Defining those responsibilities is an important precursor to on-boarding in order to be as productive as possible. Though responsibilities will likely change & evolve, it’s important to set the foundation.

For young companies who need many hands but are not in a financial position to put another employee on payroll, hiring Interns is a great alternative. And hiring Interns who are a great fit for your company is crucial.

1: Don’t Just Hire to Hire

Busy work is part of every business; filing paperwork, researching databases, writing content, and so on. But hiring an Intern to clear up your busy work may not be the best move. You need to find the right Intern for the job and the only way to do so successfully is defining those responsibilities at the start. Do you think hiring an Intern who has little experience researching databases and writing blog content is a productive decision? It will require you to hand-hold.

Be selective. Why not hire 3 Interns, each with their own strengths, where they’re entirely focused on what they will love doing. Because passion goes a long way. Hiring an Intern for the sake of hiring an Intern may cost you more time than is worth…if you don’t hire the right fit.

2: Hire the Intern, Not their College

You can find talented Interns who may not be attending the best colleges. You want humans who can hustle through their responsibilities. Does attending the ‘best’ college actually matter when it comes to Interns? That Intern may have strong financial backing but not necessarily the drive you need.

Focus on the Intern. Pay attention to who they are, what they love to do, and what they want to spend their time doing. That smart intern from the Ivy-League may absolutely hate the research responsibilities you plan to throw at them.


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